The fabulous exhibits at the Great Basin Visitor Center in Baker, Nevada were made possible by the Foundation. Here visitors can immerse themselves in the geology, ecology and culture of the Great Basin region.

About the Park

Great Basin National Park is located five miles west of Baker, Nevada, approximately ten miles from US 6-50 near the Nevada-Utah border on more than 77,000 acres. Driving distance: from Salt Lake City, 234 miles; from Las Vegas, 240 miles; from Reno, 385 miles. The closest international airports are in Las Vegas and Salt Lake City.

The Park was established in 1986 and derives its name from the area’s unusual drainage. Streams and rivers unable to find an outlet to the sea form shallow salt lakes, marshes and mud flats, from which the water then evaporates. 

Great Basin is home to 13,063-foot Wheeler Peak, abundant wildlife and many limestone caverns, including the famous Lehman Caves.

Attractions include:



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